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When it comes to the ultimate in sex chat rooms, Sex Friend is at the top of the pile. We're the number one adult chat site on the scene today for a whole host of reasons, bringing people together to act out their sexual fantasies every minute of the day. If that sounds like the kind of thing you want in your life too, keep on reading, because we've got everything you need to know about SexFriend right here.

Chat rooms, phone sex, private messaging and much more, SexFriend is the central internet hub if you're looking for virtual fun with complete strangers. We have a chat room for every topic and interest, from BDSM to swinging to group sex, we guarantee you'll find something you love on our website.

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Sure, 321SexChat has done a terrific job of creating a worldwide chat platform - but we can go one better. Not only is SexFriend a total chat room paradise, but it also doubles as a dating site, a hookup site, and one of the best porn sites you'll ever lay your filthy eyes on. Sex Friend is the number one online hub for all your adult entertainment needs.

That's right, SexFriend is a free, one-stop source for all your chatting, fucking and nude-swapping desires. Dirty talk with local hotties, swap phone numbers and invite them to your place for no-strings sex. Sex Friend makes sex chatting not only enjoyable again, but it can also get you laid if you so desire. No ads. No bullshit. It's our goal to ensure that you're getting the kind of sexual satisfaction you deserve!

Here's what makes our adult chat rooms better

Once you click the webcam icon in the top corner of the screen, you'll be thrust into a world of naughty chat rooms, hot adult content and a private message overload from girls looking for virtual fun. It's our promise to you that you'll have the virtual experience of a lifetime when you sign up to SexFriend. Not only do we have constant activity running through our site, but the sheer choice of rooms available is nothing short of phenomenal.

At any one time, there are around 100,00 active users chatting in SexFriend's rooms. That's a whole lot of guys and girls on the hunt for a little virtual fun with strangers. So, if you want to get it on the action, join SexFriend today and start chatting right now.

Sex Friend also connects you with local members, so you'll have no need to join a separate fuck site when you're bored with having virtual sex want to have a real life hookup. Whether you're looking for a one night stand, or a regular fuck buddy, our hookup services can help you find it. Just keep in mind, if you're looking for a serious relationship, you won't find it here. Our members are looking for casual sex only.

High Quality Video Chat

Adult chat needn't just take place through text. That's why our free sex chat site offers high quality video chat so you can enjoy some face-to-face time with new friends and potential fuck buddies. Online sex chat is not only fun, but it helps take your naughty sex chats to the next level. No one likes waiting ages for the other person to reply, which is why so many of our frisky members want to chat in real time over video.

Completely Free Private Messaging

We believe that getting off shouldn't cost you anything, that's why every chat room you enter and every private message you send is completely free of charge. Trust us when we say that it's very rare to find an internet sex chat site that doesn't charge for admission these days, but at SexFriend, we keep both your libido and your bank account in mind.

Browse Pictures Of Real Life Girls

SexFriend isn't just a chat site, it's a porn site too. And not only that, but all the explicit pictures, videos and gifs you'll see on here have been posted by our real life members. Sometimes, talking just doesn't cut it and you need a little visual stimulation. Simply click into our member content area and you'll get access to enough saucy media to keep you busy all night.

Send And Receive Nudes

Our site isn't purely text chat. Using our online chat client, you can swap nude photos with any willing chat partners. Better still, SexFriend has a number of options to keep your personal information safe and secure. We can blur out your identifying features in any content you send, or we can make your explicit pictures and videos disappear after a certain amount of time.

Stay Anonymous

Some of our users like to keep their online chat antics secret, which is why we offer a number of options to keep your identity completely safe. You don't have to register to join our website as we offer the option to continue as a guest user. Alternatively, utilize our photo blurring feature to keep your face concealed whenever you send saucy pictures. We also have a Snapchat-like feature that removes your personal content after you've sent it to another user.

Finding the right chat room for you

Whatever you're into, we promise that there's a chat room for you on Sex Friend. Not only are our chatrooms broken down by location to help find other horny adults in your area, but we also have a ton of free sex rooms so you can talk about your wildest fetishes and fantasies with like-minded users. Just be sure to delete your browser history afterwards. Don't want your wife winding out about your chat room addiction!

While there are new chat rooms popping up every day of the week, we have a number of popular rooms that boast constant activity from midnight to midday. Here are 4 of our most popular rooms to begin chatting with local girls tonight. You'll find these rooms right at the top of the list!

General Sex Chatting

This is the top free chatroom on SexFriend. In General SexChatting, you can discuss anything and everything so long as it relates to matters of the bedroom. Maybe you've got a burning question you need to ask? Maybe you want to find people into the same kind of things as you? Well, you might just want to masturbate while you perv on some hot conversations. When you join SexFriend, this chatroom should be one of the first things you check out.


Looking for something a little out of the ordinary? If it's non-vanilla fucking you want, our BDSM room is the place to be. Every guy and girl in BDSM chat enjoys a little pain and pleasure with their bedroom antics. Dominants, submissives, switches, brats, sissies - you know it. If it doesn't fit in the vanilla world, you'll find it being discussed in our BDSM chat.

Tranny Chat Rooms

SexFriend doesn't discriminate. We're open to all races, genders and identities, including transexuals and transvestites. You might be into chicks with dicks or you might identify as trans yourself. If so, our trans room is the best online hub to chat with like-minded people. Given the constant stream of activity in our trans room, it seems there's a lot of guys and girls who prefer a little cock beaver action over the regular stuff.

Gay Chat Rooms

Gay, lesbian, maybe just a little bi-curious? Our free gay chat rooms are the place to come and explore same-sex relationships in a safe and understanding environment. Contact other gays, dirty chat with other male dick lovers and and let your queer side without judgment. Don't fear, because every other person in the room is just as curious and horny as you are!

Is 321SexChat discreet?

321SexChat is a discreet platform to chat with friends and strangers on topics relating to sex, fetishes and relationships. Most people on 321SexChat keep themselves anonymous during public chats, and usually only reveal their personal details in private chat sessions. However, 321 Sex Chat doesn't offer many features to help remain anonymous, such as blurred photos or disappearing media.

Sex Chat vs Porn Sites

Which one is better for you? Almost every time, sex sites blow porn sites out of the water due to a whole host of reasons. The major one being that sex sites are way more immersive and personalized to you, whereas porn sites don't offer anywhere near as much choice. Porn websites are fine if you're looking for a quick release, but if you want a truly erotic experience that gets you off harder than porn ever could, sex chat is the best choice.

Other Sites Like 321SexChat

There are a number of online websites that offer the same services as 321SexChat but with a few minimal differences. The number one alternative is SexFriend (see above for more information on this particular website). Other chat sites include Flingster, Chat Random, Omegle, Chatzy, Dirty Roulette and Chat Roulette.

What's The Best Sex Chat Site?

The most popular sites for virtual chat are Chat Roulette, Omegle, SexFriend and 321SexChat. However, the only website from this list which is completely free is SexFriend. The other platforms mentioned all charge for membership, either through subscription or credits. Therefore, the best site for naughty chat is currently SexFriend.