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🔒 Never share or screenshot member profiles contained in members area.
🤫 Don't spread rumors if you see someone you know on this site.
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Successful SexFriend Stories

Opposite sex friendship is the new friends with benefits

Don't take our word for it, SexFriend works. See success stories from some of the thousands of happy SexFriend members. If I can do it, then so can you. Scroll down to read selected captions (please note embed name has been changed to maintain the privacy of the person).
Review by John, SexFriend user

I have hooked up with a few girls, but I am still a virgin. After my high school graduation I honestly had nowhere to find girls to ask on dates. A good friend got a girlfriend, and I finally asked him how. He told me about opposite sex friendships actually rarely lead to sex, they're simply just homies. I finally understood that if I wanted a romantic partner to have sex for the first time, then I needed to try this app. Now I finally have a relationship, and had sex for the first time.

23 comments, 16 shares
Review by Emily, SexFriend user

I was tired of the whole dating app thing, to be honest, I seriously just wanted to find a guy who was down for sex without the mess of a 'normal' relationship. I happen to hear about SexFriend on my favorite radio station. I deleted Tinder and Bumble and created my SexFriend account, and I couldn't be happier. Now Doug comes over on the regular to dick me down how I wanted, without the fun and games. Thanks SexFriend!

103 comments, 56 shares
Review by Barry, SexFriend user

I found out about this site from my friend. Wife sex wasn't cutting it. Been married for 10 years and try to be a faithful and, frankly, romantic husband, but we were on a break and I needed a side chick who I was sexually attracted to, is that a bad idea? One thing about this app is that it actually works, so you better be ready to hookup at a moment's notice. In a matter of minutes it happened, a woman near me messaged me to meet for sex that same night. Mad respect to whoever made this app, super easy to find DTF women.

84 comments, 25 shares
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Still Have Questions?

Still not sure if sexfriend is the right app for you to try? Or looking for more information about having sex with one of your current friends or turning the relationship romantic? No problem! Below you'll find some answers to the most commonly asked group questions regarding sex and friendship.

Can friends have sex?

Yes, friends can have sex, but it's generally a more difficult situation that most people anticipate. Having sex with someone who is your friend first, always puts the platonic friendship at risk. If you're comfortable risking the friendship for a slim chance at sex or a serious relationship, you can always roll the dice. However, we always recommend keeping buddies and sexual partners separate to not hurt anyone's feelings, you get the picture.

Wouldn't you rather not be just friends with feelings, and meet for sex tonight the #1 SexFriend app?

How to have sex with a friend?

The easiest way to have sex with a friend is simply to ask, but that can take a lot of nerve, and puts you and your friend in a potentially awkward situation. If you truly want to turn your friend into a friend with benefits (sex friend) then we recommend spending more one on one time with that friend. Make sure that other people are not around, as that can prevent the sparks flying for fear of judgement. Who knows, maybe after a few drinks or dinner, you'll get them alone and one of you will make a move. Friends having sex can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but it's always important to respect their boundaries if they're not interested in sex with you.

How to ask a friend for sex?

The best way to ask a friend for sex is to not ask at all, here's why: asking for sex, per say, comes off extremely needy and can lead to awkward situations if they let you down. The best way to find a sex friend is to join a dedicated app like SexFriend designed to find you a compatible sex partner and friend with benefits in under 20 minutes. If you have you heart set on having sex with one of your current friends, it's best to get them alone, and make a move.

Do friends have sex?

Yes, some friends do have sex, however new data shows that over 90% of platonic friends do not engage in healthy sexual activity with each other. It takes a lot of emotional maturity for people to have casual sex and not catch feelings when two people mix friendship and sex. If you're looking for opposite sex friendships that can easily lead to sex with from the beginning, we recommend that you sign up for sexfriend to see all the available singles in your neighborhood.

Can best friends have sex?

Yes, best friends have sex, but it's generally not worth the risk of losing your best friend if things go south in the romance apartment. If both best buddies are interested in having sex, then moving a healthy platonic relationship into the bedroom is impossible to avoid. There's nothing better than best friend sex, and who knows, maybe your best friend is your future husband. However, asymmetrical attraction where only one best friend is interested sexually generally leads to broken hearts. Wouldn't you rather find your new sex partner on sex friend app, and build a wonderful best friendship on the basis of perfect sexual chemistry? Signup free now, to get started.
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