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How To Have Virtual Sex: Try These Tips and Tricks

Virtual sex might sound like something from a futuristic world, but most online sex chatters have probably engaged in virtual sex at some point without knowing. You might have even done it yourself. If you've engaged in any online-only sexual acts, then that's a form of virtual sex right there.

The internet has made having virtual sex easier and more fun than ever before. With so many virtual reality sex options available, you can enjoy some dirty talk, mutual masturbating or any kind of virtual sexual activity with a willing partner right now.

What is virtual sex?

That's the question. What exactly is virtual sex? Well, virtual sex actually covers a wide range of areas, but it's basically sex without the inclusion of physical contact. This can include video sex chat, exchanging sexy images and videos, and swapping sexually explicit messages with another person.

When people engage in virtual sex, they're making an intimiate connection with each other via their computer, mobile phone, VR headset, tablet or any kind of communications device. Virtual sex chatting can be done through chat room, sex app or any kind of social media platform. While some sex chat sites are similar to sex dating sites, the chat sites focus on virtual connections, while dating sites focus on meeting in real life.

Why have virtual sex?

There are lots of reasons to choose virtual sex over regular sex in today's world. Here are just a few of the main ones.

Porn videos get boring

Porn can only take a person so far. Sure, it's fun to watch porn for a quick release, but what happens when porn videos aren't enough? What happens when you want to something a little more intimate and intense? Luckily, virtual sex is the next logical step. Virtual sex is much more immersive and personalized, therefore providing a more stimulating experience.

Stay connected in a long distance relationship

If you don't have immediate access to your partner and you're feeling a little sexy, virtual sex provides a convenient way to engage. People in long distance relationships have been utilizing virtual sex for years without being aware of it. Phone sex, naughty sexting and swapping nude pictures is just another way to keep that relationship spark alive.

Sex chat is a great way to explore group sex

A lot of people love the idea of group sex, but not many of them have the bravado to make it a reality. That's why a lot of people use virtual sex chat as a way to appease their group fun desires. It's much easier to partake in multi-person banging within the confines of cybersex as not only is it logistically more convenient, but there's no risk of ruining your current relationships through awkwardness.

How to have virtual sex?

Virtual sex covers such a broad variety that each type of virtual sex will vary depending on your chosen method of interaction. However, there are some definite mainstays when it comes to hooking up with your virtual fuck buddy.

Role play

Role play is a massive component of virtual intimacy, especially when all communication is done via text. Quite often, sexters will conjure up sexy scenarios that address one or both person's fantasies and act out a hot scene via text.

Explicit images

In almost every type of virtual sex, hot pictures and videos are sent alongside sexy messages for a more immersive virtual experience. This saucy content usually involves suggestive selfies and close up shots of breasts, dicks and any other body part your partner might find arousing.

Video chat

One of the easiest ways to create a sense of intimacy with your virtual chat partner is through live video feeds. Be it webcams, FaceTime or Skype, or a site like Sex Friend, a lot of modern virtual sex happens face-to-face despite the people involved not being in the same room together.


This is the most important part. Before getting involved in any type of virtual reality sex, be sure to get consent from the other person. If you don't, it can be considered illegal and criminal charges could follow. Get consent, stay safe, and stay out of trouble. Just because the sex takes place via technology doesn't mean you're immune to the consequences.

What are the types of virtual sex?

With constant new ways to connect, there are countless ways to engage in virtual sex with a willing partner. Any platform that allows two people to communicate can be used for cybersex purposes, but we've listed the most common ones below.

Phone Sex

Phone sex is nothing new. It's been around for decades. But only with the advent of the internet has it evolved into something much bigger than it's ever been. Phone sex involves two people detailing their dirtiest fantasies through voice chat, whether it be two strangers, two lovers or a whole group of interested kinksters.

Video Chat

Video sex chat has existed for as long as webcams have been around. They're a great option for people who want to add a touch of personalization and intimacy to their virtuals chats. There's nothing more arousing than being able to see the person's reactions to your sexy talk in real time. It's a much more appealing alternative than just exchanging nude photos.

Chat Rooms

Internet chat rooms have been a hub of virtual pleasure ever since they reached mainstream appeal in the nineties. While they once required users to sit at their computer and masturbate over hot chats, chatrooms can now be utilized via smartphone for more convenient communication with sexy chat partners. In most cases, chatrooms only offer text-only services. One popular site called 321 Sex Chat has thousands of sex chat rooms, where you'll find just about anything you're looking for.

Virtual Reality Sex

Perhaps the most immersive form of virtual intimacy, virtual reality sex involves two people getting it on inside a shared virtual world. No doubt you're familiar with VR reality headsets like the Oculus Rift, and as you can expect, lots of VR enthusiasts are using these digital realities to hook up with real people. It's definitely a unique experience to say the least, and is as close to real sex as you'll get inside a VR environment.

Sexting and Sending Photos

Perhaps the most common form of virtual sex today, sexting and exchanging photos happens between lovers and strangers constantly. On average, a naughty picture is exchanged somewhere in the US every three seconds. Thanks to modern technology, people are more in tune with their sexual desires than ever before.

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How to stay safe with virtual sex?

Don't give out your personal data. Sure, feel free to video chat and show your face if you feel comfortable doing so, but keep your real name, age and location private. If possible, don't give out your phone number either. Try and virtual sex chat through a social media site or app instead. If you're safety conscious, one of the best places to to virtual sex chat is Snapchat due to its disappearing media. Also, be sure the other person isn't underage!

Is Virtual sex cheating?

While one person might consider virtual sex cheating, someone else might not. It's a grey area that depends on a person's individual outlook. It also depends on the lengths which a person has gone during their virtual sex actions. For example, sexting a stranger might not be considered cheating, while video chatting with an ex could be.

Should you try virtual sex?

You should try virtual sex at least once. No matter your preferences or sexual orientations, there's no need to feel uncomfortable when it comes to virtual fun. It's becoming rapidly more popular with the advent of constant interconnectivity and ease of meeting like-minded partners. For more information, see the page above.