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How To Find A Fuck Buddy: Try These Tricks

Fuck buddy relationships are the hottest thing in the modern world. There are millions of men and women out there right now meeting their fuck buddies for casual sex, and once the deeds are done, they're all free to go their separate ways - no questions asked. To a lot of people, these kind of arrangements are much more convenient than a serious relationship for a whole host of reasons.

And if you're here, you probably want to find a fuck buddy of your own. Maybe you want a whole harem of local girls to booty call whenever you get the urge to have a little fun? Maybe you want occasional casual fucks with the same girl? Whatever it is, we're going to tell you how to get exactly what you want. Here's our ultimate guide to finding fuck buddies in your area.

Join A Free Fuck Site

The number one way to find a local fuck buddy is to join a sex site. Luckily, a new sex site pops up on the scene every week, so you'll never be short of choice. However, it's important to find a fuck app that works with your needs and preferences. For example, certain sites are better for particular areas of the world. Also, some apps cater to certain sexual interests, so do a little searching to find the one for you.

The best way to find your ideal hookup app is to scroll through dating apps on the app store. Turn on your location services and you'll find the ones that are most popular in your local area at the top of the list. Some popular dating apps include: Adult Friend Finder, Fuck Book, Tinder, Plenty of Fish, OK Cupid, No Strings Attached and Sex Friend.

Some people prefer to join a sex chat site rather than a dating site. Although these sites allow you to connect with people around the world, they also sometimes let you filter and contact members nearby. This is a great way to start sexting with some horny people and find local hookups, if you'd prefer this over regular hookup sites.

Complete Your Dating Profile

When navigating a dating app, your online dating profile is the first thing that other guys and girls see. That's why it's super important to fill it out in full and make it the best it can be. Showcasing the best possible version of yourself is the first step to finding a casual fuck tonight, and that's your goal at the end of all this. So, to make the best kind of profile, you need to keep a few things in mind.

Use a good picture that shows you in full. Other users want to know that you're a capable adult. Show your face in full. Don't feel obliged to show your body (it won't help get you laid). Keep adult material out of your profile. Women don't want want to see your dick pics (you can save that for private messaging). In other words, keep your profile simple and reasonably mature.

Message People For Casual Sex

Once your profile is filled out, you can begin messaging other users at your leisure. If you've chosen an adequate fuck site, you thankfully won't have to put too much depth into your messages. The majority of users on these kinds of sites (if not all of them) just want easy sex, so they're not really interested in small talk or mundane questions. You can just be direct with your messages (but not too direct). You can try joining a sex chat site like 321 Sex Chat in addition to hookup sites if you're interested in virtual sex.

For example, you could open by saying "hey, I notice you're not far away from me. What is it you're looking for on here?" This kind of intro makes a subtle suggestion that you and her could easily meet up, but doesn't make any overt requests. If your potential fuck partner is interested, chances are she'll reply with great enthusiasm. After that point, you can start getting a little more explicit with her.

Make Sure You Both Want The Same Thing

It's crucial that you and your fuck buddy are on the same page from day one. If you're not, it can lead to complications, both emotional and physical. That's the exact opposite of what you want from a fuck buddy arrangement, therefore, you need to talk with your fuck buddy about your expectations and desires when it comes to all matters of the heart and the bedroom.

Are you just going to message each other when you want sex? Are you allowed to spend quality time together, or is it solely about the fucking? Is she allowed to tell her best friend about your little arrangement? How do sleepovers work? These are the questions you need to get answers for. Once you've established ground rules, you'll find your fuck buddy deal much more fulfilling.

Respect Your Partner

This is the number one rule to keep in mind when going about your fuck buddy business. Fuck buddies arrangements are based on respect for each other's time, energy and physical needs. Therefore, these are the things you need to prioritize throughout your time together. Just because you're not emotionally involved, doesn't mean you should stop treating her like a real person.

For example, there will be times when your fuck buddy will cancel. There'll be times when she can't see you because she's busy with work or school or her other friends. There's a very good chance that she'll probably be having sex with other guys too. This is something that you have to accept, and if you respect her choices, you'll find the effort rewarded back to you too.

Keep It Casual With Fuck Buddies

When you start getting serious, that's when fuck buddy relationships start to fizzle out. The whole deal is that you meet up for no strings attached sex, and if one half of the arrangement tries to ramp things up a little, it becomes a recipe for disaster. This goes back to the earlier point of ensuring that you both communicate your needs from day one.

There's nothing stopping you from possibly evolving your fuck buddy deal into something more, but that's a conversation you need to have beforehand. Don't just invite her over to your parents' house and hope she catches the hint because she won't. It will just come across as strange and presumptious. Keep it casual and keep it light.

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Fuck Buddy FAQs

Got questions? Need to know something in particular about fuck buddies, sex sites or friends with benefits? If you have any particularly burning questions, feel free to message us.

Here are our fuck buddy FAQS:

What is a fuck buddy?

A fuck buddy is someone whom you can engage in casual encounters with without the expectations of subsequent romance or intimacy. Fuck buddies meet up for casual sex, usually on a semi-regularly basis, and once the bedroom antics are over, both people go their separate ways. Fuck buddy relations are a modern alternative to serious relationships with an emphasis solely on sex.

How to ask someone to be your fuck buddy?

To ask someone to be your sex buddy, first you need to establish a relationship based around casual sex. You'll need to sleep together at least once before asking the question otherwise you run the risk of scaring the other person off. If you've established a sex-only relationship, it's then very simple to slip into a fuck buddy or friends with benefits situation.

How to get rid of a fuck buddy?

Unlike committed relationships, most people involved in fuck buddy relationships are well aware that their arrangements will come to an end. Therefore, getting rid of a local fuck buddy only requires a quick conversation. Simply tell the other person that you're ready to move on. Don't tell them that you've found a new fuckbuddy or you want to see other people.

Is it wrong to have a fuck buddy?

No, fuck buddies are popular alternatives to the standard boyfriend-girlfriend type relationships. Many people prefer casual arrangements because they provide all the benefits of a casual relationship without all the emotional hassles that come with them. They're also a fantastic way to indulge your sexual fantasies without commitment.

How to be a good fuck buddy?

Be reliable. Communicate regularly with your casual sex partner. Don't be jealous and understand that your fuck friend might be sleeping with other people as well as you. Ensure that you're both on the same page regarding your sexual intentions. Most importantly of all, have good sex with your fuck partner.